The Minneapolis Academy

Born in 1852, Charles Davidson received his early education in Ohio. At the age of sixteen, Davidson was teacher at the district school located in his father house in Chester, Ohio. He received his B.A. and A.M. degrees from Grinnell. While Davidson was a graduate student he taught in the college preparatory school and his fetching wife, Hannah Amelia Noyes. Originally from Campello, Massachusettes, Noyes recieved her B.A. and A.M. degrees from Grinnell before the couple moved to Minneapolis to open a new school.

The Minneapolis Academy opened it’s doors at 1123 University Avenue on September 15th, 1879. Tuition was advertised as being $22.00 per to $35 per annum. The couple worked quietly helping students from all over the state who used their new institution as a stepping stone into the university. The Davidsons built the schools reputation and the Minneapolis Academy became an important link in the area’s educational system. In 1884 Mr. and Mrs. Davidson  went to continue their studies, Mr. Davidson wrote many interesting volumes including; Phonology of the stressed Vowels in Beowulf(1891), Leaves from an English Inspectors Notebook(1903) and The Necessary Equipment of English Teachers. The two of them  criss-crossed the country. Mr. Davidson became a professor at the University of Maine. Mrs. Davidson studied Sanskirt at the Mitchell Seminary in Iowa. They retired to Claremont, California in 1911.

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