The American Rug Laundry Then and Now

Guard Against Influenza

Think of the deadly germs tracked on to your rugs every day!

Rugs going through our washing and drying process are thoroughly sterilized!
You cannot afford to take a chance when the cost is so small.
Most modern rug cleaning plant in the Twin Cities.
No Acids
Only pure soap and water used.
No Waits
24 hour service; rugs called for and delivered.
No Risk
Your rugs are insured while in our care.
No Fading
Colors brought out as if by magic!
No Worry
Prompt courteous and efficient handling.
No sizing
The process cleans without removing the sizing.

“It is just as beautiful as the day we bought it!”
This is the unanimous verdict of every housewife who is ever had her rugs cleaned by the American Rug Laundry Inc.

-from an advertisement in the Minneapolis Tribune October 17th, 1918

Established in 1895, the American Rug Laundry is the biggest, best and oldest rug cleaner in Minneapolis.