The Sulphur Vapor-Bath Parlor Then and Now

“Why go to a health resort when you can obtain the same or better results in Minneapolis without loss of time or attention to business. Looking at these interiors views of the Sulphur Vapor-Bath Parlors at 2526 Hennepin Avenue demonstrate our standards of cleanliness. Our baths were awarded a gold medal and international diploma at the St. Louis Exposition. They really are the most perfect baths in the world. Sulpher Vapor-Baths will remove impurities from the system and therefore are a very beneficial and natural way toward healing Rheumatism, Lumbago, Kidney, Bladder and Stomach Troubles, Stiff Joints, Gout, Eczema, La Grippe, Colds, Nervousness and Female Weakness. Without a doubt you will be pleased with the results. Our bath is based entirely on scientific methods. Sick or well you should take these baths. During the bath you will sweat out a vast quantity of impurities.Try our $1.00 Tonic Bath for “spring fever” and that “tired feeling. All complicated cases will be under the supervision of competent physicians. Contagious or venereal diseases are not received at main parlors, but we will soon have an annex in operation devoted exclusively to such troubles. Phone or write for further information.Ask for a booklet with testimonials of results.”