Remember the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule Department Store was established at 7th and Minnesota Streets by William Elsinger, Joseph Elsinger and Jacob Dittenhofer in 1886. Five years later the store was moved to a three story building at what is now 85 7th Place East. An Addition was made to the building in 1901 and in 1902, Clarence H. Johnston, Sr. designed a new facade. He also designed two more additions in 1910 and 1914. In 1928 the Golden Rule became known as “Donaldson’s Golden Rule” when it was was acquired by Donaldson’s parent company Hahn’s Department Stores. Hahn’s was reorganized into Allied Stores in 1934.

Some time in the 1960′s the Golden Rule name was dropped. In 1980 Donaldson’s closed up and moved into their store into the Town Square. The building was renovated into an office building in 1983. The Golden Rule interior includes a two-story atrium with a staircase spanning the first and second floors. An indoor park complete with fountains and benches covers the entire first level. The building is currently occupied by financial service types and State of Minnesota departments.