Margaret Morris from Minneapolis

Margaret Morris, the great-niece to former US President Benjamin Harrison, was born in Minneapolis on November 7th 1898. She decided to pursue acting by her late teens and begun her professional career with the Shubert Stock Company. She entered films in 1920 and moved to Hollywood setting her sights on an acting career. She was 22 when she starred in “Her First Elopement”. Margaret’s career went on a took off from there and she starred in eleven films including the The Ghost City opposite Pete Morrison, and The Galloping Ace opposite Jack Hoxie in 1924.


In 1924, she was one of thirteen girls selected as “WAMPAS Baby Stars”, a list that included Hollywood legend Clara Bow and Elinor Fair. She would star in another twenty eight films through 1929, and was at the height of her career. Eventually Margaret found a niche in serials. She did at least four including The Iron Man, starring Italian strongman Lucien Albertini. However, like many early film stars, she did not transition well with the advent of sound films. In 1932 she starred opposite Tom Tyler in Single-Handed Sanders, a western. Morris went on to act in many B-film and noncredited roles and played a part in the 1935 film Alice Adams, in which Katharine Hepburn starred. Morris also worked with Edmund Cobb and Jack Hoxie before her final film, called The Toast of New York, which was produced in 1937. Morris’ role was not credited in the film.