Maple Plain State Bank Then and Now

On May 5, 1905, John Haven, Austin B. Morse and E. J. Cranston gathered $10,000 worth of capital and set up and the State Bank of Maple Plain. In 1927 the Maple Plain Bank took on the liabilities and assets of the little State Bank of Lyndale, Minnesota. There have been at least five presidents and quiet a few cashiers over the course of the bank’s history. The first home of the Maple Plain State Bank Bank, pictured here was built back in 1905. The bank occupied the old brick building for 58 years. In 1963 a brand new facility was constructed on the east side of town. The bank has suffered a few armed robberies over the years. Two of them took place in the old building. Another one occurred in the new bank, just before Christmas, December 21, 1965. On that day, a lone gunman entered the building with a brief case and asked to see the bank president, Paul F. Lindholm. He told him he was interested in buying some real estate then pulled a pistol from the brief case and demanded that it be filled with money. Lindholm took the man back to Florence Breen’s teller window and told her to give him the contents of the cash drawer.The robber ordered the employees into a bookkeeping room and fled. The bandit made off with over $3,000. The employees used the phone in the room to call the police.

Named after and abundance of sugar maples, the early settlement of Maple Plain began around Lake Independence and Pioneer Creek in the 1850’s.The St. Paul, Pacific and Manitoba Railroad came through in 1869. Maple Plain’s post office post office opened in 1871 and the village was incorporated in 1912. The Maple Plain Branch of the Hennepin County Library opened in 1922, Maple Plain Elementary was built a year later in 1923. A municipal water system was completed in 1939, sewers arrived in 1950, and blacktop came in 1961.