Hotel Hastings on Hawthorne Park

Absolutely Fireproof opposite beautiful Hawthorne Park!
Strictly modern throughout! All outside rooms with recess bed, private bath, telephone and running Artesian water in every room.
Dining hall and cuisine unsurpassed! Reception room, spacious and artistic.

Rates per day: Outside room with private bath overlooking Hawthorne Park one person $1.50 two persons $2.00!
Rates per week one or two persons $8.00 to $10.OO
Monthly rates especially arranged. Dining room rate $8.00 dollars per week.

For summer amusement, a large court with private tennis, crochet and handball games.
Within easy walking distance of every good theater and the shopping district!
Take the Hennepin car to 12th Street, one block north
Hotel Hastings corner of 12th Street and Hawthorne Avenue

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