Goethe Got it Write

I’m sure the young folks who bought these postcards printed by R. Stienman & Co. in 1911 filled them with warm sentiments. For me,  filling up the space on the back of a postcard is a little like finding lines to place between pictures on this blog.  When  in doubt you can’t lose with a limerick. The women from St. Paul will never be as popular as the men of Nantucket, but the Saintly City sure does beat Minneapolis for a good rhyme.

There once was a young wife in St. Paul,
with a husband exceedingly tall.
At night in the bed,
was his body and head.
His feet had to sleep in the hall.


I knew a girl from St. Paul
Who wore a newspaper dress to a ball.
Someone set it on fire
And burned here entire
Front Page, Sporting Section and all.


There’s a matron in good old St. Paul
with no inhibitions at all
They say she is fresher
than women of Cheshire,
but admit that the difference is small.