Beautiful Beverly Bayne

Pearl Beverly Bayne was born in Minneapolis in 1884. Her family moved to Chicago when she was only six. Little Pearl was told she had a camera face and began began work at Essanay Studios making salary of $35 a week when she was 16 years old. Beverly Baynes made her first two movies, The Rivals and The Loan Shark in 1912. her brown eyes beat out Gloria Swanson for the leading lady role in The Loan Shark. At the time Essanay had an amazing stable of talent that included Wallace Beery, Charlie Chaplin, and Francis X. Bushman. Beverly and Bushman beacame a dynamic,romantic duo, and appeared together twenty-four films. The couple left Essanay and made films for Metro Pictures from 1916–1918.


They are probably best remembered for their 1917 production of Romeo and Juliet. Bushman and Bayne were married in 1918. It was rumored that Hollywood disapproved of Bushman divorcing his wife and marrying the much younger Bayne. Their careers went into decline. In the early 20′s they starred in a play, The Master Thief, worked in vaudeville and appeared as guest stars in dramatic stock. The pair divorced in 1924. Beverly’s last silent film was Passionate Youth in 1925. She worked on stage productions and Broadway shows throughout the depression. During the early 40s, Bayne performed in radio and did an occasional play. Her last film was The Naked City with Barry Fitzgerald and Howard Duff in 1948.