Back When Minneapolis was Bigger

Minneapolis was a bigger place when these postcards came out. The population of Minnesota’s largest city has declined by almost 140,000 souls since climbing to a  peak of 521,718 in 1950. In the middle of the last century, approximately 70.0% of the metropolitan area’s population was concentrated in the city limits of St. Paul and Minneapolis. In 2005, the core cities held only 25% of the area’s people. Tends may reverse themselves a little in the coming years. In the last decade, condominium and loft construction has brought Downtown Minneapolis a little over 30,000 inhabitants and helped the city to recover from a 1999 low of 353,395 souls. The population in 2011 reached a twenty year high at 387,753 and the U.S. Census Bureau  tracked a 1.4% increase from April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2011. That being said,most of the folks that headed out to the suburbs all those years ago ain’t coming back and it’s going to be a long while before Minneapolis has a half a million inhabitants again.

Donaldson’s flagship took up half a city block along Nicollet Avenue. The building burned down in the same Thanksgiving Day fire that destroyed the Northwestern National Bank Building in 1982.